Our sound gives you a world of infinite possibilities.

The blockbuster movie scored to perfection — thoroughly enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

The eclectic vinyl collection that always spins with purpose.

The perfect playlist for an outdoor party.

The music coursing through your headphones as you power through your workout.

The exciting new band that just launched its first release.

All of it is your sound, and it matters to us.

Making it sound right matters more than ever.

That’s why recreating these sounds, in all their power, beauty and variety, has been our passion for decades — here in the U.S. and across the world.

As we continue on this path toward audio’s future, it’s a privilege to bring these leading audio brands together into a single entity we call Sound United.

Dedicated to artfully reproducing audio for listeners and enthusiasts around the world — no matter their passion, be it movies and music, TV and sports personal audio or entertainment as you hear it — Sound United is comprised of Denon®, Marantz®, Polk Audio®, Definitive Technology®, Polk BOOM™, HEOS® by Denon and Boston Acoustics®.

And each brand offers its own unique approach at bringing sound to life.

Whether it’s through the legendary heritage of Denon, the classic American strength of Polk Audio, the premium performance and minimalist cool of Definitive Technology, the highly-sought-after amplification and pedigree of Marantz, the action-inspired form factors of Polk BOOM, the wireless home audio solutions of HEOS, or the accessible performance of Boston Acoustics, everyone will find their sound here… however they want to enjoy it.

Sound United is your sound — listen.